Virtual fall sports: a review

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

by Maggie Welsh

We talked to Northwood athletes from a variety of fall sports to get their take on how the virtual season went.

Samantha Moser: Girls Soccer


I had a pretty good experience with virtual sports. Of course it’s not the same as having a normal season, but I feel like we still made the most of it and had a lot of fun baking and playing games. One thing I miss from soccer in a normal season is just playing and being together with my teammates. My favorite thing about virtual sports is that although we can’t be together, we’re still “together” and it was really nice doing activities together and meeting people, especially since it is my first year at Northwood. A few things I would tell winter and spring athletes is to show up to meetings, don’t be shy to make friends, and have fun!

Simone Luthra: Cheerleading


During virtual fall sports, cheerleading had two zooms a week, where we would practice cheers, jumps, and talk to professional cheerleaders about their experience in college and more. I missed practicing with my friends and learning stunts in-person. I loved seeing how despite the unnatural circumstances of sports, everyone endured, everyone still had fun online, and everyone participated as if we were at school. I would tell winter and spring athletes to try their best and have fun, despite it not being in-person. Think about it as a time to improve and advance in skill for the next season.

Kossi Agbo: Football


I would rate my experience a 7/10; it wasn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing. I play football and one of the things I miss the most is being present, working hard with my teammates, and building a bond. My favorite thing about virtual fall sports was that it was a good way to keep us engaged with our sport, while also keeping us safe and minimizing the spread of COVID-19. My advice to winter and spring athletes is to participate because it was a fun experience and it gave me a chance to meet new athletes virtually.

Karla Zelaya: Cheerleading


This virtual fall sports season was definitely a new experience, very different than in-person sports of course. It was kind of hard teaching new material, but all of the returning seniors worked hard to make sure everything ran smoothly. I miss bonding with the team so much. Cheerleading is such a contact sport, so that makes us all get really close. We would always do team bonding activities during practice. I’d have to say teaching cheers was my favorite part because it was the closest thing to normal we got to do. In a way it felt like we were in person. Not being able to experience football games or competitions as a senior was hard just because it would have been our last everything and our senior nights would have been the ending of a very long chapter in our lives. I would tell the winter and spring athletes to keep a positive mindset. I know it’s not the ideal season, but it’s better than nothing and you’re given the opportunity to see your teammates and coaches.

Ellen Isaacson: Volleyball


My experience during virtual fall sports was overall a pretty positive experience. It was nice to see my teammates over zoom and still be able to spend time with them and work with our coach. What I miss most is being in the same gym, being able to actually do real drills, and having fun with my friends. My favorite thing about virtual fall sports was getting to look at our old footage from our games to see how we used to play and what things we’ve gotten better at and things we need to work on. I would tell winter and spring athletes to try and stay motivated. You should keep going to practice and doing your workouts even though it’s not as fun as it used to be. Also, try to stay positive!

Maddie Brennan: Girls Soccer


I’d rate this past season a 6/10. Would have been better to have scheduled practices, so I could exercise. It was sad that we missed senior night and our pre-game traditions. Overall, virtual fall sports were nice. It was good to see my teammates and meet the new players. We did fun things, instead of workouts. It was nice to just bond with the team in a way we have never bonded before. I feel like we got closer and that would help us if we have an in person season. I miss having my teammates and coach to motivate me to exercise. My favorite thing about virtual fall sports was seeing my coach and teammates. My advice to the upcoming season athletes is to engage with your team. Come to practices, turn your camera on, and talk. It is good for everyone to have these interactions and it will make the experience better for everyone overall.

Layna Teitelbaum: Volleyball


I really miss game days because it was fun being able to get ready with teammates especially for home games. It was nice to see teammates during virtual sports that I hadn’t seen in a while. One thing that I would change about virtual sports would be to make it more focused on team building and time together. I would advise the winter and spring athletes to try and make the most of your time in virtual sports because who knows when in person will start again.

Maya Ducker: Cross Country


Virtual sports was a difficult time for me as a runner. I found that forcing myself to do workouts by myself was very difficult and required a strong mindset. One thing I missed most about cross country was running with my team and having fun pasta parties. Although I do run with my team a few times a week, it’s not the same and I find it to be stressful. I want to hug them and mess around, but we are there to run and stay safe and healthy. My favorite thing about virtual sports was that I got to join a club team with some of the other girls from Northwood. I would have liked to get to know more of the incoming freshman and all the new athletes. My advice for winter and spring sports is to train and maybe brush up on strategy depending on the sport you play. But most importantly, stretch!!

Brenda Lopez: Field Hockey


The overall experience of virtual fall sports was okay. I really miss being able to play on the field with my wonderful teammates. My favorite part of the season was the team bonding through the zooms, where we played pictionary and did an escape room. The advice I would give winter and spring athletes would be to enjoy it and give it your all. I know it’s not something super exciting, but it’s what works for our current situation. Be the energy the team needs to carry through the season.

Bennett Forville: Golf


I would give this a 4/10; it wasn’t bad, but there was room for improvement. I miss seeing all of my teammates and hearing all the interesting stories they told while we were on the course. Golf can be a long and boring sport, but the teammates are really run and supportive. The atmosphere is what I miss most. My favorite thing about virtual fall sports was when everyone had their camera on because it made it feel at least a little bit normal.

Lizzie Zoz: Field Hockey


Virtual fall sports were definitely different. I was happy to be able to keep in shape and be able to play a bit. I definitely miss my team. I was looking forward to our Saturday morning brunches after practice and our movie night team bonding. They’re a really great group of girls and it is so sad that we are not able to play together. My favorite thing was the drive to keep running and practicing. I still played field hockey outside of school, but there was an initiative to keep working out. My advice to winter and spring athletes is to not be discouraged by the fact that we don’t have an actual season and use the outlet given to get better and come back stronger next season.

Timmy Boyce: Cross Country


We were very limited on what we could do, but getting to see teammates over zoom was nice. I really miss being able to run at meets, especially as we thought we had a strong chance to win a lot of races. Even though we were doing virtual sports, I was able to still train with my teammates sometimes. It was hard not getting to see teammates and coaches every day, which makes it hard to have a consistent routine. I would recommend the winter and spring athletes to find a training partner or someone to go practice with you a couple times a week.


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