Silver linings: some students embrace positives during the ongoing pandemic

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

by Bennett Forville

(Photo: Pixabay.)

The not so new Coronavirus has halted almost all social life. Some sports have started back up but concerts are still being cancelled, you still can't hang out with friends, and going to restaurants is still a questionable activity. Kids' social lives have come to almost a complete stop and sometimes the most interaction we get with other people is the online zoom classes we have every day.

As we sit here resenting the new reality of Covid-19 and online school, we have to search for the silver linings of the pandemic that may exist.

Most complaints from students surrounding Covid-19 are about the lack of communication with friends and teachers as well as the lack of a social life. If you had asked any student seven months ago, they would have told you they needed those in person social exchanges to thrive in school. “It is so weird not being at school in person, but I enjoy being at home and it is so much less stressful than the school we are used to,” says Alexandra LaDuca, a junior at Northwood. Now that we are several months into this huge pandemic, everything has a little bit more of a system. School is on a consistent schedule, homework takes up less time, and most people are still able to learn and keep up with their grades from home.

The fast-paced lifestyle that most high school students seem to be accustomed to can be exhausting. There are not enough hours in the day to fit in school, homework, sports, jobs, family drama, and much more. This leads to students being up at late hours of the night to get everything done only to wake up before the sun rises to do it all over again. Northwood Junior Willow Singley explained, “While I do still have a lot of ballet to do I have so much more time to get homework done. I also have more time to sleep in before school and I also have time to do work or nap during lunch.”

The new schedule that most students at Northwood are on leaves more time to get on a healthy sleep schedule as well as complete all of their homework.

Many parts of Covid-19 and 2020 as a whole have been negative, but you have to be able to look at the bright side of things. Not being in person for school leaves a lot more free time for people and does not create as much stress when it comes to school. All in all, less homework, less stress, and more time to relax all seem like pretty good outcomes of a not so great situation.


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