Red and Black 2020: diversity in community, ideals, and coverage

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Cars in the student parking lot underneath a cloudy blue morning sky.

Photo: Jon Dennis.

Founded as a print newspaper, Red and Black finds it necessary to update our content to fit our circumstances. During virtual learning we do not have access to the tools of our print operation. We have adapted to a tech-first era by creating a website to continue to publish our stories and our ideas.

Although the structure of our operation is changing, Red and Black staff will continue to cover issues that impact the Northwood community. Not only that, we have dedicated ourselves to informing our community through new and different methods we continue to explore. We will use our social media presence to keep our community updated.

As always, we will focus on school and community issues. However, we will keep our scope wide enough to include discussions of contemporary issues and culture. The wellbeing of our school community is of the utmost importance, and for this reason special attention will be given to articles concerning mental health.

Nonetheless, our mission remains the same.

Red and Black is dedicated to representing Northwood’s diverse community through accurate and engaging journalism and giving Northwood students a safe outlet for the expression of their creativity.