Halloween, meet social distance

by Cemara Collins

COVID-19 might complicate how we usually do our traditional Halloween trick-or-treating during the spookiest time of the year. (Photo: South Bay Halloween Guide.)

For years we have walked to others houses’ and knocked on the door and said in the voices of our choosing, “Trick or Treat.” In 2020, since people have to socially distance, the holiday will involve masks and people who opt out of doing Halloween at all this year. We will have to be more mindful and cautious about our arms’ length and how we give out candy. Here are a couple of ways to make the social distance a bit more enjoyable:

  • Get creative: instead of just using regular gloves, use gloves from a horror movie, perhaps one you remember fondly from your childhood.

  • Make a social distancing treat mechanism: If you really want to socially distance, get a PVC pipe to dole out candy and wrap it with Halloween decorations.

  • Make a “Take one, please” basket: Now this one, I'll admit, is kind of bad for teens or anyone over the age of six, but the easiest one of them all considering you don't want Ms. Corona at your door. A nice touch: put hand sanitizer out!

  • Sit like a statue and wait: If you are going for scary, this one is good. You can sit on a chair (like a rocking chair), keep still until you can scare people or until people go away. It's not the nicest one, but it sure can be the funniest.

  • Or you could do it the good old-fashioned way: if you prefer the traditional way remember to use a healthy amount of hand sanitizer, wear a mask, and if you feel sick, stay in.

Always remember to follow CDC guidelines. Whichever way you choose to celebrate the season, socially distance and be safe.


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