From apprentice to master: becoming the greatest quesadilla maker in the world

by Marcelo Lovo

The Holy Land of the quesadilla world: Las Quekas Mexican Quesadillas, San Antonio, Texas.

My name is Marcelo Lovo. I am a senior writer at the Red and Black, and this is my confession: I cannot create, what I have called for the last four years, a “really good quesadilla.”

I know, I know. I never meant to dissuade the world’s greatest community, the quesadilla fanatics, so badly. I always thought it was kind of funny to say one of my only talents was "making really good quesadillas" because of the quesadilla’s simplicity. I am clearly uneducated in the world of quesadillas and need to discover more. So what I have decided to do is to scout out the greatest-ever quesadilla place in the world and learn what it truly means to "make a really good quesadilla."

I may be an apprentice in the Quesadilla world, but I do my homework. I have spent what many would describe as "a few minutes" researching the greatest quesadilla manifesters that this world has to offer. My two-and-a-half-minute research has led me to the world’s most revolutionary quesadilla restaurant to ever exist, maybe eva. I present to you, the Holy Land: Las Quekas Mexican Quesadillas in San Antonio, Texas.

An insightful review.

This place has been hailed by some of the toughest quesadilla interpreters of our generation. Even legendary local guide and quesadilla sheriff Carlos Medrano shared an excellent yet thought-provoking review. This place is the Venice, Italy of the quesadilla world [that's where the Renaissance started right, editors don’t check this I beg you]. The only downside to this is that this place is kind of far away and inconvenient for me, so that ultimately means that my quesadilla dreams are over before they started. I will never reach the gates of "Las Quekas Mexican Quesadillas" and become the patent creator of “really good quesadillas, Inc.” I’m crushed.

At this point I have entered a quesadilla depression. I have been set back by grim reality and fear that there is no future for me in the quesadilla business. I look at the pictures in my wall, filled with my favorite famous quesadilla creators of all time. Rachel Ray, Guy Fieri, "Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker." I was a fool for ever thinking I could be them. I cry myself to sleep that night and stuff my face with multiple quesadillas from multiple different quesadilla establishments. And then, it hits me. I walk into my kitchen and roll out a tortilla. I add the cheese. I add the meat. I add various other quesadilla related ingredients and add da heat.

It's done. I eat the whole thing and receive nothing but quesadilla greatness. I come to the conclusion that quesadillas aren’t actually that hard to make, it's literally a different form of a grilled cheese. It’s still really goof tho :)

[Editors: this is where you insert a stock photo of man crying and a Hall of Fame with three pictures of Rachel Ray, Guy Fieri, and an actual "Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker.")