Another virtual season: students reflect on winter sports

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

by Maggie Welsh

We heard from some Northwood athletes who participated in winter sports to see how it went.

Amanda St. Francis: Poms


My virtual winter experience was interesting and new. It was really hard to stay motivated to keep showing up to our zoom calls between having to owe work for classes and just feeling tired. One thing I miss most about Poms during normal activity is the social aspect of it. After a rough or stressful day at school, seeing everybody and everybody coming together is therapeutic. We're all there for each other no matter what from the beginning of the season to the end. Nobody is excluded. At the end of the day, we're all family and we have high expectations for each other. One of my favorite things about virtual winter sports is that we got an idea of how many new people were joining and we got to do workshops with colleges to see how poms in college works. We also got to vaguely meet our new coach for the season and all bond together and see each other again after 9 months. We worked with what we could have and that's all that matters. The coaches and everyone were understanding if somebody couldn't make it. Some advice I have for spring athletes is to keep pushing, show up to your practices because you deserve the outcome. These are hard times and at the end of the day, you will feel so accomplished after an emotionally draining day of sitting at your computer working. You will feel different and better. Remember, your mental health is important and it should always come first.

Sophia Marchionini: Swim and Dive


Winter sports went by very quickly! I wish the virtual season was longer. I miss seeing swimmers win their races. When a Northwood swimmer pulls ahead at the end of their race, it’s such an exciting feeling. Their pace immediately quickens and you can tell they are determined to beat the person swimming next to them. The whole team cheers even louder as they finish strong to the wall. My favorite thing was having the pasta parties through Zoom. It was so great to see everyone and we played a lot of fun games, like Among Us, Kahoot, and Jackbox games. To spring athletes-please sign up and participate. It makes it so much better when a good amount of people actually show up. Also, take pictures of your zooms and you doing the activities to document this time in your life. This may be the only time you have a ‘virtual’ sports season.

Shaiel Godoy: Girls Basketball


I think that virtual sports was a very different experience, but it was a way to stay connected to others during these times. I definitely miss meeting with my teammates and spending time with them. I also miss the games. I think it was nice to hear from other coaches and hear their experiences and tips. My advice for the spring athletes would be to be open to the change and just know that it's temporary and hopefully we'll be back in person soon.

Anaiya Bobo: Indoor Track


My initial experience with virtual sports was very challenging. Though running isn’t necessarily a team required sport, it was a true struggle not being able to train with my teammates. We’ve grown very close and training individually is much more difficult without someone to push you. I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to train with them through a club. Unsurprisingly, I definitely miss competing the most. Though the club season has given us some opportunities, it’s not the same as leaving class for meets and prepping for new courses weekly. Oddly enough, my favorite thing about virtual sports was the Zoom calls. They can feel tedious at times, but I like having the opportunity to check-in and talk to everyone. My best advice for spring athletes in terms of this upcoming virtual season would be to stay engaged! Obviously these circumstances aren’t ideal, but look for the positive amidst all and use the time to both bond with your teammates and improve all you can on your own.

Jake Hofmann: Swim and Dive


Virtual sports for me was sad, but at the end it was pretty fun. We made the best of our situation and tried to find activities on Zoom that everyone liked to do. I really miss practices, meets, and pasta parties where we could have fun and bond with all the great people on the team creating great memories. My favorite thing about virtual sports was getting to see everyone on Zoom, since we couldn’t see each other in person and all the games we played. My advice for spring athletes would be to enjoy it and make the best out of it.

Jon Acosta: Boys Basketball


My experience with virtual basketball was good and fun. We had time to bond with teammates and get to know my coach more. I also got to learn more about how we would play under a new head coach if we get a season. I miss actually playing the sport because that’s the best part about it and being able to play alongside my friends. My favorite part was just interacting with everyone and being able to talk basketball again. My advice for spring athletes is to sign up so you can reconnect with teams and get to know new people and talk about the sport.

Lana Fragale: Wrestling


For virtual wrestling, we had afternoon workouts everyday throughout the season. That’s all we could really do because wrestling is so hands on. I miss being on an actual mat and grappling with another person. My favorite thing would be having a scheduled workout everyday and I felt a responsibility to do it. It was nice to have a healthy routine. My advice for spring athletes, especially for underclassmen, would be to learn as much as you can about your sport. Focus on what you can train for right now and get as good as you can as an individual, so that when you hopefully go back, you’ll be ready.