Adjusting to quarantine: some life hacks

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

by Emily Ventura-Ly

As we all know, it’s been a long ride of a year. We all are continuing to adapt to the changes caused by this pandemic. Are you still having trouble adjusting? No worries, take some time to relax and find out if any of these life hacks can help you adjust to this new circumstance we call “normal."

  • Tired of feeling unprepared for the day? Try waking up ten-to-fifteen minutes earlier than you normally would for some mental preparation and self-reflection. In fact, go for a walk if time allows, as exercise is good for your mental and physical health.

  • Are you still consuming bad news? Is it making you more anxious than it should be? Limit your intake of negative information and read up on good news instead! In fact, try reading from for some positive news.

  • Feeling messy? Perhaps you might need to declutter. Throw out things you no longer have a use or value for. It doesn’t have to be physical -- emails and text messages. You could also clean out your camera roll, and make space for new memories.

  • Not turning in assignments on time? Are you a little forgetful? Write down a list of things you need to complete, with a due date next to them and try not to lose the list. It gets satisfying when you’re able to cross things off a physical list.

  • Feeling lonely and isolated? Talk to some friends. Make plans and hang out with them virtually. Try playing games such as Among Us, Minecraft or Roblox together.

Quarantine has been hard for many of us. Trying out some of these tips, however, may help you get through this time just a little better than before.